During the 2366, brand new USS Organization-C emerged of a temporal rift

During the 2366, brand new USS Organization-C emerged of a temporal rift

Borg King

Inside the 2063, into the Borg assault to the Firm-Age, which in fact had showed up regarding 12 months 2373, Analysis try abducted by the a Borg drone. Not able to absorb the fresh android os, the Borg King tried to bribe Studies toward subservience through providing him real time skin in lieu of their polymer. Investigation played together, that have recommended intimate connections on Borg Queen, whom wished your since someone to help ease the new loneliness away from the woman part because someone regarding the Collective, Analysis essentially ‘replacing’ Locutus. Study at some point betrayed the fresh new Borg Queen, eliminating the girl that have warp motor coolant, that also removed the latest skin she got grafted to your. The guy then acknowledge to Picard that an integral part of him is actually nonetheless disappointed from the the girl dying, noting that this lady offer to create your closer to Mankind had temporarily attracted him (albeit for 0.68 mere seconds, a span you to definitely, considering Data, translates – to have an android os – so you’re able to “nearly a lifetime”). ( Star Trip: Earliest Contact )

Choice knowledge and you will timelines

Its disappearance about season 2344 brought about an adjusted timeline, where the Federation is shedding a battle from the Klingons. Analysis was still the latest ship’s operations administrator. ( TNG : ” Yesterday’s Enterprise “)

Lieutenant Worf encountered a good quantum fissure and that brought about him to start shifting ranging from quantum realities during the 2370. In lots of universes, Research had been brand new Enterprise’s functions manager, and you may attended a surprise birthday party having Worf. From inside the one or more of those basic facts, Data’s attention was blue as opposed to their attribute yellow.

An additional reality, Analysis had been new procedures manager and next meilleur site de rencontres pour se faire des amis officer but was outranked from the Frontrunner Worf, exactly who served once the ship’s earliest officer less than Chief Riker, Picard being lost from the Competition regarding Wolf 359 in 2367. That it variety of Analysis theorized so it might be you are able to to help you seal the newest fissure when your shuttlecraft Curie about no. 1 facts re-inserted the newest fissure and you can emitted a standard range warp occupation. Predicated on Master Picard, the information from the prie achievement. Most of the incidents adopting the Worf’s come across have been deleted about schedule as the fissure try closed. ( TNG : ” The thing is that “)

Inside the an unknown, choice upcoming schedule, Studies are a professor (the latest Lucasian Teacher of Mathematics) during the Cambridge College and you will stayed during the Isaac Newton’s house with an effective housekeeper and many kitties. Seem to in this upcoming, he’d understood the thought of jokes, proclaiming that his housekeeper Jessel generated him make fun of. Likewise, their relaxed speech had a lot more nuance and you may inflection, and then he seemed to have manage the effective use of contractions. He had plus dyed section of his locks grey as he believed that it made your look well-known. Yet not, Jessel is of the opinion so it made him feel like good “bloody skunk.” ( TNG : ” The Nutrients. “)


  • Lt. Reginald Barclay inside the 2366 reproduced at least several Datas as he is struggling with holo-dependency. One to program had Investigation within the Three Musketeers, since most other recreated the complete team of Firm-D. That recreation of information are present when Barclay said goodbye to their aspirations and you will deleted the brand new apps. ( TNG : ” Empty Pursuits “)
  • Barash reproduced the entire demand staff of Agency-D into the 2367 on the Alpha Onias III to save Commander Riker indeed there. That it recreation took place during the a 2383 where Study had been advertised in order to Commander together with get to be the first manager. ( TNG : ” Upcoming Imperfect “)
  • A computer dysfunction aboard the latest USS Firm-D as holo triggered the characters using up the appearance of Studies for the 2369. ( TNG : ” A great Fistful off Datas “)
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