20 Online Jobs For College Students In 2022 Ultimate Guide

You are good to go with just a laptop or computer, stable internet connection and a headset! The software and transcription formats will be provided by the company you work for. Important qualities for this job include excellent typing skills, great time management and high overall efficiency. Though it may sound easy, a data entry clerk holds a valuable position. A voiceover artist is a narrative voice in video and audio presentations. If you have a melodic or commercial voice, you have a resource to earn some money. All you need are good headphones, a microphone, and audio recording software.

  • It also doesn’t require any communication or leadership skills, as you are merely answering questions on your computer.
  • All designers should have familiarity with QA procedures since it helps ensure the final project matches what was originally envisioned.
  • Once you graduate from college and enter the workforce, you’ll be faced with plenty of other projects to handle and meetings to attend.
  • Maybe you’re super interested in jewelry-making, and you’ve been doing it since high school.

Data entry workers generally must be able to read and have a fast typing speed. Data entry jobs are very remote-friendly as they can often be done from a home computer.

Remote Part

Tutoring online remains one of the simplest ways to make money using information you need to know. Luckily, most of these inquiries come by phone or email, making it the perfect remote position. These types of jobs require above-average communication skills and the ability to deal with frustrated customers. Luckily, these days, there are many awesome remote jobs that can help you make some much needed cash.

  • First, learn how to take great photos with a course like this one.
  • Doing this can help you narrow your searches and save time from visiting unnecessary job portals.
  • Many companies who recruit online use systems called Applicant Tracking Systems that scan applicants’ resumes for important keywords.

From game trailers to social media influencers, you can find different jobs to grow your skills and get paid. First, working from home, you can have enough flexibility to organize your work and study commitments. Second, you can find a job related to your studies, getting professional experience to use for your future. Finally, you can learn how to work in a virtual team, which is a skill no one can miss nowadays. Decide whether you want to work from home or take on freelance assignments. Companies often look for younger people who innately understand social media and know what’s cool to help themmanage their social media platforms.

If you’ve got a way with words and can pass a grammar test, there are plenty of business owners that need freelance editors and article writers. In an age where content is king, everyone is looking for a great whitepaper, blog article, or marketing copy.

In this way, most college students like you can make a living by teaching online. The freelance and remote work economy have opened up a whole new world of online jobs for college students looking to earn money. Gone are the days of competing for the few food service, babysitting, or retail jobs in a small college town. There are plenty of great full-time and part-time job options for university students at most colleges. All you need to do is contact the school’s administration office or find the job listings on the university’s website. Lately, with the changes technology has brought to modern life, job opportunities and career options have been on the rise.

Where To Find Job Listings

Project managers help teams stick to their timeline and/or budget when completing a project, and helps support cross-team communication. This remote job is best for college students at the graduate level, or who already have some work experience. Look for remote jobs that are in the same or a similar field to your previous work experience. For example, https://remotemode.net/ if you spent a summer doing admin work at a local office, consider applying for virtual assistant jobs. As influencer marketing continues to boom in the digital era, there are countless job opportunities for college student influencers. Many multinational brands like to work with college students to harness awareness from their big community on campus.

If you have that skill, you can turn it into money when you sell your notes. Don’t worry — this is all completely legal, and it’s easy to get started. According to Indeed, the average U.S.-based virtual assistant makes $16 per hour. With a bit of experience, you can start applying to work on higher-paid projects.

A web designer designs the website layout and usability, provides support and guidance throughout the project and expands the functionality of the site after its rollout. A web developer builds and maintains the core structure of the website, and the role may also include network security, database management and even web design. Depending on the requirements of the client, you might need to have knowledge of coding in various languages, such as Java and Python. In some cases, you might not need ‌extensive insight into coding, and simply knowing how to build a site with site builders might be sufficient. Giant job sites advertise thousands of positions, but you’ll need to weed through all the on-site gigs to find the handful of remote jobs available before sending off an application. Ever considered the money earning potential that can come from scholarship applications? After crunching the numbers, many students report that their hourly rate earned from scholarships exceeds any side hustle or part-time job they’ve held.

Today, you can create a profitable business running from a single website for less than $1 a day. Wix also is the best website builder if you’re looking to create any type of website. They are one of the best web hosting companies for creating WordPress websites. With affiliate marketing, you promote another company’s products on your blog and make a commission on every sale.

Best Remote Jobs For College Students

Her work focuses on providing hands-on resources for high school and college-age students in addition to their parents and educators. If you’re interested in a career in SEO, working as an SEO specialist is a great way to get started using some of the best SEO tools. SEO specialists are responsible for optimizing websites to rank higher in search engine results pages . You’ll also be building up your skill of working with a team, as most marketing jobs require teamwork. If you are a creative person and know how to reach out to people, this online job is perfect for you. Some companies hire online researchers to help them with market research or to gather data for a specific project.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 46% of workers aged 25+ with an advanced degree worked remotely in 2017, compared to 12% of those aged 25+ with a high school diploma. Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed.

No 3: Freelance Writer

Between you, your roommates, and any visitors that you may have, your dorm room is going to have a lot of trash. If there isn’t a toaster in your dorm room, it may be time to get one of your own.

It offers a great balance, no matter how many hours you put in at your remote job each month. Being an editor is a valuable remote working option for college students who want to pursue a career in writing, as well as for students who want to earn money online. As such, they can edit articles freelance or find an opportunity to work for a bookstore or a publisher. They can edit magazines, books and news publications in newspapers.

How To Build Accountable Work From Home Teams

Regardless of your major or your dream industry, starting your first remote job as a college student will put you at a great advantage entering the workforce after graduation. Look for remote jobs in your intended area or jobs that allow you to use what you’ve learned in school for your work. This may give you the necessary work experience to build a good resume once you graduate. So if you’re going to take on the added responsibility of a part-time job, you want one that will be worth your time. The jobs on this list are especially good choices for college students, since they pay a lot better than minimum wage on-campus jobs and are 100% remote. Of course, working online doesn’t mean that you won’t ever leave campus. Many companies offer flexible schedules, allowing you to choose when and where you work.

high paying remote jobs for college students

Some organizations are only made up of remote workers, while others have some combination of on-location and remote employees. Before the advent of artificial intelligence , we might never have imagined what the technology could accomplish. Environmental, social and corporate governance criteria are increasingly being used to screen investments. Most positions will allow you to work when it’s most Remote Jobs for College Students convenient or productive for you to do so. If you have multiple classes spread out during the day, you may not be able to squeeze in shifts at a typical job. This means you can work from your dorm room, the common areas, the lawn on a sunny day — wherever you want. They also believe the connections they make during their internship will give them a leg up in the job market come graduation.

Writing And Editing Jobs

It’s a tutor’s job to guide and support their pupils through any academic hurdles they may face. Samantha Rose is a personal finance writer covering financial literacy for OppU.

Remote jobs allow you to work from home, on the go or anywhere that has internet access. Fortunately, the internet has created a plethora of opportunities for remote work.

high paying remote jobs for college students

Building a profile on both UpWork and Fivver can help maximize your client base and increase your opportunity for earning. The Fivver platform is a go-to for small businesses looking for great designers, so if you have an eye for logo design, check out this platform. While many tutoring jobs exist right on campus, it is also possible to freelance yourself out to various other students as well.

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College students are more experienced writers than the average person, since they are constantly synthesizing information and using it to write essays for their college-level courses. However, it’s a great time to find an online job or start an online business. Often, virtual assistants will sell their services in hourly packages. So, perhaps you’ll have a 5-hour package, 15-hour package, and a 30-hour package.

It can also aid in developing interpersonal and negotiation skills in students. One of the easiest online jobs for college students is online tutoring. First, as a college student, you are already in a college full of potential clients. Many people struggle to pass courses and exams, and they are willing to have tutor sessions to graduate in time.

Check out the top online job boards for remote work opportunities. We bring you the best gig, remote, and part time jobs currently available, then provide you with thousands of helpful articles on how to succeed in those roles. As a Gen Z or Millennial, you’ve probably grown up using social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat. You probably already have a decent-sized following too, if so, you can earn good money and/or free swag by sharing your influence with brands. If you enjoy working with kids, you can teach English as a second language to Chinese children online. You must be currently enrolled in a university program or have a Bachelor’s Degree. You’ll also need to have some sort of experience with children (coaching, mentoring, tutoring, volunteering, etc.).

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